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Access to a better life
Integrated services for disabled persons

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The purpose of the project "‘’ Access to a better life- Integrated services for disabled persons’’ is the development of the Help& Care Association, so that it becomes a sustainable reference structure in terms of providing integrated services for people with permanent and temporary locomotor disabilities, increasing the capacity to carry out campaigns on human rights, in this case of the targeted group, equal and non-discriminatory treatment, as well as increasing awareness of the beneficiaries about their rights.

Activities to achieve these objectives:

  • Building a counselling center for people with disabilities:

    Construction of a building that meets the requirements for people with disabilities, an integrated capacity to provide social, medical, therapeutic services to the target group by increasing the capacity to provide services to a greater number of beneficiaries.
  • Effective information and communication with the target group: Organization of conferences, roundtables, use of the website and social media platforms to publish both information about the project and useful information for an effective management from the bio-psycho-social point of view of the group.
  • Campaigns to increase awareness and support positive change: Providing information materials to partners, events, public spaces and last but not least in the online space in order to ensure the dissemination of useful information for an efficient bio-psycho-social management of the target group.
  • Provision of support services for beneficiaries (psychological counseling, vocational counseling, physical therapy services, medical counseling): Participation of persons with disabilities and their caregivers in the services of the center, such as physical therapy services, social and psychological counseling
  • Developing partnerships with public and private entities in order to promote and defend human rights: Set up a working group, with representatives of each of the service typologies addressing the target group to analyze the current situation and identify ways to improve through this integrated approach from multiple perspectives.
  • Organizational development of the association and increasing the fundraising capacity of the organization: Improving individual, group and organizational performance within the association; developing an effective fundraising strategy.

Help&Care is an association that, for over 10 years, has dedicated its activity to supporting people with special needs.

Passing through the period of temporary, partial or complete inability to participate actively in socio-professional and family activities in the case of people suffering from a complex medical condition is a difficult challenge for both the patient and the caregivers to anticipate. Recovery and reintegration into society are strongly influenced by emotional, behavioural and situational factors. That is why we are convinced that by educating, informing and guiding the affected people, directly or indirectly, carried out by a team of specialists, will make these processes of reintegration much easier and faster.
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Your posture from our posture

| Help & Care Association |

Project with a big impact on the Oradea community, "Your posture from our posture" - is a project for the assessment of postural deformities among children aged between 8-16 years.
Through this project, the Help & Care Association conducts a screening (initial mass examination) of postural imbalances in children aged 8-16 from Oradea.

Through information, education and appropriate guidance we understand:

  • Awareness of the risks of complications
  • Acquisition of a well-established physical therapy program.
  • Training the family/caregivers, on postings positioning and physical exercises, which must be performed at home, in order to ensure the continuity of the recovery treatment;
  • Educating home and work routines, depending on the patient’s condition
  • Management of post-traumatic stress, anxiety, depression with the help of a specialized person (clinical psychologist) for both patients and caregivers
  • Guiding patients and caregivers toward optimistic thinking, increase/maintain motivation to adapt to the current situation and for lifestyle changes
  • Guidance on the purchase of medical devices required for optimal home care.
  • Advice on the bureaucratic steps in relation to the various public and private institutions

Our multidisciplinary team of physiotherapists, social counselors, psychologists and medical professionals put the teamwork and the communication in the team on first place, and in the center of attention is the patient with the caregiver. By setting common goals, we can provide patients and caregivers informational and behavioral support to travel through the period of convalescence as independently and efficiently as possible.

The role of the caregivers

The family is one of the social structures with the greatest decision-making influence on the individual. Those close, mutually supportive interpersonal relationships, such as family, friends, particularly help to achieve short- and long-term goals, to set realistic and optimistic goals for people with temporary and definite disabilities.
Caring for a family member has a strong impact on family structure and mental health of both the patient and the family. When a disability in a family occurs, in many situations the roles change: the child takes care of the parent, one of the partners becomes the “head of the family”, which can be frustrating for both parties.
Research has shown that family involvement in caring for another member improves mental health and motivation. In situations where a patient faces multiple medical challenges, it is very easy for him to fall into depression without external help.A family in which there is trust, can be useful in providing daily nutrition, in overseeing exercise, in administering drugs, in all activities, which helps the patient in the management of the pathology from which he suffers.
On these considerations, psychological counseling of patients and caregivers includes important pillars of the "Access to a better life - integrated services for people with disabilities."


On the definition of the word “disability” there is no well-established agreement, or much internationally comparable information about prevalence, distribution, and disability trends. The legislation of each country defines who is considered a person with a disability. To determine disability, the medical and psychosocial aspects of the person concerned shall be examined.
Temporary disability is a limited period disability that does not allow a person to participate fully and effectively in society on an equal basis with others due to trauma, illness, medical conditions. Most people who are experiencing temporary disability are in post-operative status, such as patients who have suffered a fracture in the lower limb, have been operated due to a herniated disc, have undergone a mastectomy, etc. Of course there are medical conditions, who do not require surgery, but the persons in question also experience a short/medium-term disability: morbid obesity, severe burns, trauma, etc.
The above-mentioned medical conditions do not allow patients, sometimes even caregivers, to carry out activities at work or in social and family life for a short/medium/long period. So these people become the target group of the project "Access to a better life - integrated services for people with disabilities."

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Physical therapy services

  • Physical therapy and therapeutic guidance for people with disabilities
  • Implementation and follow-up of the physical therapeutic care scheme.
  • Training and education of the family/caregivers on positionings and physical exercises to be performed at home, in order to ensure the continuity of recovery treatment.
  • Increasing independence level from a physical and a social point of view.
  • Improving and maintaining the capacity for effort – postoperative, poststraumatic.

Psychological counseling services

  • Psychological diagnosis
  • Supportive therapy
  • Psychological counseling for people with disabilities and their family members/ caregivers
  • Propose treatment schedules, if required.
  • Optimization and personal development, self-knowledge
  • Short-term therapies focused on the problem, tertiary prevention, recovery and re-education

Social counseling services

  • Development and implementation of social policies in the field, strategies and action plans at local, county, national and international level, promoting social welfare.
  • Develop action plans, programs, measures, professional activities and specialized services.
  • Helping the client identify and define the problems they have to solve, analyze the goals, set concrete and realistic goals, identify obstacles and resources available
  • Organizing and participating in socio-recreational activities and events with and for the benefit of the beneficiaries.
  • Providing the necessary information in bureaucratic processes.
  • Monitoring the psycho-social reintegration of the patient.

Medical counseling services

  • Organization of information and medical counseling seminars in order to ensure the necessary information for the care and recovery at home of people with temporary, long term disabilities.
  • Educating the patients and caregivers to assimilate the therapeutic recommandations, conducting clinical and paraclinical investigations, hygienic-dietary regime, knowledge of the condition, compliance with periodic checks.
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