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About Us

Help&Care Association

It is a non-governmental, non-profit and apolitical organization, founded in 2013.
It was born out of initiatives by a group of different ages people with socio-professional backgrounds (medical professionals, students, accountants, etc.) who wanted to get involved and carry out certain activities in the health field, education and, last but not least, in the social field; these activities aimed to provide support for people with special needs: for children and the elderly .

Due to the lack of an institution that would realize these desires to help, we decided to form an association that would meet both our needs and the needs of the groups of people who needed this help. The financial and material resources directed to the actions undertaken by the Help & Care Association, which over the years have come from various sources.

Projects developed by the association: Cake Day, Santa’s Coming, Bunny’s Coming.

All the activities of the Association were carried out with the direct participation of its members and of many volunteers from among the students. This way of interaction put us in direct contact with the people who benefited from our support, which allowed us to connect directly with the person in difficulty. We noticed how important the emotional support that our presence provided to these two categories of people, children and the elderly, and that this emotional support must complement any material support that accompanied our visits. Over time, the activities of the Association have multiplied and become more consistent and more important in the lives of those with whom the volunteers of the Association came in contact.

The activity of the Help & Care Association included, in addition to supporting some children (from orphanages and foster care centers) and the elderly (from nursing homes and social shelters), actions addressing special needs cases, individualized and objectively analyzed: support the annual higher education tuition fee for a person with disabilities; financial support for a person with tumor pathology who has received treatment in Germany; material support for several seniors (social cases, without NHS support) who required interventions to relieve / cure chronic, debilitating locomotor pathologies; Supporting the efforts of teachers and parents to reduce school dropout at two kindergartens in Bihor County: Kindergarten in Miersig village, kindergarten in Subpiatră village.

„I have always believed in the extraordinary strength of the team, both in my medical practice and in extra-hospital activities. I am convinced that empathy is the basic catalyst for human interactions. Starting from these premises, the concept of Help and Care Association was born.”
Dr. Vlad Silviu